Fact: 4,330 Texas Law Enforcement Officers were assaulted in the line of duty in 2014.

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Do we need more protections for our first responders?

Should we demand truth from the MSM when there is a shooting involving a police officer?

Some people have criticized Kevin, saying he is singling out a specific group for special protections. In response, he says: “I am not [in favor of] creating special protection classes… But when a vehicle exists that we can utilize in the law by making a simple enhancement that shows our police officers that we care… I will advocate for it.” Listen in as he explains this statement.

Does the public really know and understand the dangers police officers face every day?

Kevin has begun drafting the “Law Enforcement Protection Act”. Why has he started this when he hasn’t even been elected to represent District 126 (yet)?

Kevin and Terry also discuss various ways people of all ages can learn more about police officers and the proper way to react when pulled over or being questioned. Listen in.