Texas CPS: Preventative Services

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Please tune in below to a three-part series of radio interview I did on the What’s Up Radio Program with Terry Lowry.

In it I discuss a ruling from the US District Court where Judge Janis Graham Jack stated, “The state violated the Constitution by keeping children in an unfunded and poorly-run system where rape, abuse, medication, and instability are the norm.” It is a disgrace that this type of abuse occurs within the foster care system in Texas; an absolute disgrace!

The turnover rate for CPS workers is equally as appalling. This turnover results in too many children, who need care the most, being overlooked. Listen in to hear how I have a plan to fix the problem.

How should the Texas Legislature address this issue in the next session? I believe prevention is key and, if elected, I will work hard to ensure children are safe.

It is easy to become involved and make a difference in a child’s life. You do not have to commit to being a foster parent, but there are certainly ways you can help. Listen in below for suggestions on how to help.